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Re: is a photography installation that explores a generational relationship through a comparison of archives and the artist’s role as a curator. Fascinated by my dad’s collection of film strips taken during his college years in the 1980s, a digital archive was created and then physically curated by myself into a family photobook. In the process of working with my dad’s archive, I realized I had been curating an archive of my own but digitally on Instagram since 2018.


Carefully curated by subject matter, the photobook contains my dad’s perspective as an international student from Korea coming to America for the first time and studying in the South. My archive contains my perspective on my surroundings and aesthetic observations.


Between these archives, similarities exist that were unintentional but happened by chance. The installation displays the comparisons. 


The totality of both archives is redefined through curation. I curate the organization of my dad’s photos in the book. My dad curates my work through his thought process in his viewing. The screen displays my dad scrolling through my archive.

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