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Beall Center for Art + Technology


The Beall Center for Art + Technology is an art museum located in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at UC Irvine. The Beall Center aspires to redefine the gallery experience by formulating answers to questions of how technology can be used effectively to create new forms of interdisciplinary art. In addition to connecting artists with audiences, the Beall Center supports research, exhibitions, and public programs that explore new relationships between the arts, sciences, and engineering, and to promote new forms of creation and expression using digital technologies.

what i used

Social Media: Instagram

Task Management: Google Drive, Google Docs,, UNUM

Editing Software: Lightroom + Photoshop

my role

I took on the role of a Gallery Docent. My responsibilities were to oversee and maintain the gallery space and assist with any museum-related administrative duties. However, I also volunteered to take on the role of managing the Beall Center’s Instagram account. I designed promotional materials and posted informational artwork photos. I initiated an 11-week campaign that showcased and educated about the artists and their artworks in the exhibition Computational Poetics. I took on multiple roles where I photographed, edited, copywrote captions, scheduled posts, and community-managed the Instagram account. 


Within the campaign, I developed a #WorkInDetail series that consisted of utilizing Reels to showcase specific artworks in close detail along with snippets of the work’s information. After posting the Reels and comparing the analytics, I decided to end the series due to Posts outperforming Reels. This experience taught me that the audience demographic can influence the performance of the type of content posted.

Managing the Instagram after the account's hiatus, I increased followers by 10% in three months. Reach and Engagement also increased with 80% being non-followers in Reach and 60% non-followers in Engagement.

transition process

To make the transition process easier for the next person that will manage the Instagram account, I created a brief welcome guide with basic information related to the Beall Center. Using Canva, the guide features important information such as branding, the social media process, resources, and a personal note.

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